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DURATION: 4 hours (approximately)

This Propane and Cylinder training course is designed to teach the safe handling for both liquid and vapour-withdrawal cylinders, and provides a step-by-step guide to using, storing, and exchanging cylinders. This course teaches how to inspect cylinders and deal with emergency situations. It also provides participants the understanding of cylinder components, and how chemicals work. With a hands-on approach, participants will learn the safe use of equipment such as tiger torches, salamanders, kettles and steamers.

Course outline:

  •   Propane fundamentals;
  •   Components of cylinders;
  •   A hands-on practical using equipment such as
     tiger torches, salamanders, kettles and steamers;
  •   Legal requirements for competency;
  •   Emergency response and first aid;
  •   Review and examination

Download Propane Safety training course outline CERTIFICATION
: Upon successful completion of the course, a wallet card and all necessary paperwork for each participant will be submitted to the employer as proof of training.


PRO-FACTS is an accredited TSSA Trainer: TSSA#000155410 Propane –CH-02

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