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Safety Training in Northern Ontario

Demolition, construction and safety training, North Bay, northbay and Sudbury, Ontario

During demolition or construction projects there are many health and safety requirements that must comply with OHSA Regulations.

From inspecting machinery, house keeping or following proper procedures, PRO-FACTS can assist you with your project including:

•   Assisting risk hazard assessment;
•   Weekly or monthly site inspection;
•   On site safety Rep;
•   Conduct training program for Asbestos hazard exposure;
•   Ensure all measures and procedures are adherring to regulations;

Do you require a Health & Safety Rep?

•   Where between six and nineteen workers are regularly employed and the work is expected to last more than three months. (For twenty or more workers, see the requirements for Joint Health and Safety Committee)

•   Where six or more workers are regularly employed and the project is expected to last less than three months.

•   Where contractors maintain shops in which between six and nineteen workers are regularly employed and a regulation concerning designated substances does not apply.

Where to get more information:

•   O.Reg.213/91:Construction Projects

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