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Safety Training in Northern Ontario

Safety training, policies and procedures, North Bay, northbay and Sudbury, Ontario

PROFACTS can help you develop safety policies and procedure in accordance to the Occupational health and Safety Act. In addition to preparing health and safety policies, we can also coordinate a program to implement your policy that has been specifically geared to your workplace. In doing so you safeguard your workers and ensure compliance with the law.

Some of the program elements may include:

•   Workers training, new job procedures;
•   Machine guarding;
•   Lockout and tagout;
•   Workplace inspection;
•   House keeping;
•   Emergency procedure;
•   Personal protection equipment;
•   Material handing safety;
•   Electrical safety;
•   Confine space entry procedure
•   Rescue plans;

Where to get more information:
•   Employment Standards Act
•   Ministry of Labour, Young Workers
•   Occupational Health and Safety Act
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Located in North Bay and Sudbury, we provide safety consultation throughout Ontario.

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