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A good occupational Health and Safety Management plan includes doing a Risk Assessment. They help to create awareness of hazards and risks and they are an extremely important step in protecting your workers and your business.

Lets us help to keep your people and productions safe by identifying and controlling hazards where possible. We can assist you in complying with your obligations under the OHSA and its regulations in reducing occupational health and safety hazards.

By conducting a risk assessment, the focus will reflect the safety efficiency of the workplace and will help you to:

Call our offices located in both Sudbury and North Bay, Ontario anytime. Some of the program elements may include:

•   Identify the hazards;
•   Identify who is at risk;
•   Identify the necessary precautions;
•   Record and implement safety procedures;
•   Assess, manage and maintain safety procedures.

A HAZARD is ANYTHING that may cause harm such as chemicals, heights, slippery or cluttered surfaces (etc.).

A RISK is the chance that someone could be harmed by these hazards.

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