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workplace inspections in North Bay and Sudbury, Ontario

Work place inspections are essential for the prevention of accidents, occupational disease and fire by identifying, recording and eliminating any potential hazards posed by buildings, equipment, the environment, processes or practices.

Routine inspections help to ensure that work places are in compliance with the requirements laid out in the Canada Labour Code and the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. Employers must ensure that all or part of the work place is inspected every month by the work place committee or the health and safety representative, so that the entire work place is fully inspected in the course of each year.

PRO-FACTS include the following type of work place inspections:

•   Spot Inspections
     Focused on specific hazards within a specific work area and are occiasionally performed.

•   Pre-operation inspections
     Focused on special equipment and processes prior to performing the task.

•   General Inspection
     General Inspection cover all working conditions, including work hazards,
     processes and practices and should be on a regular basis.

Role of the Workplace Inspection:
•   to identify health and safety hazards in the work place;
•   record any hazards requiring your immediate attention;
•   to establish preventive controls;
•   recommend corrective action where appropriate;
•   to monitor the effectiveness of controls;

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Work place inspections and safety training available in North Bay and Sudbury Ontario.

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